Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lithuania -- First books arrive for Jewish library

Wyman Brent, an American who is trying to establish a Jewish library in Vilnius, writes on the EEJH listserv that the first shipment of books has arrived safely and asks for help in furthering the project.
With all the negative news regarding the increase in anti-Semitism
taking place in the world, there is still a positive story to report.
Today a shipment of 165 boxes of Jewish books from California arrived
in Vilnius. The books will form the basis of the new Vilnius Jewish
Library. The library is being housed inside the Vilna Gaon Jewish
Museum. Instead of writing and telling me how wonderful I am and how
much you appreciate what I am doing, how about offering books for the
Wyman can be reached at: vilniusjewishlibrary@yahoo.com

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