Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ukraine -- Virtual History and Reconstruction of Golden Rose Synagogue in L'viv

I want to draw attention to the online presentation about the Turey Zahav, or Golden Rose, synagogue in L'viv, prepared by my friend Sergey Kravtsov and others at the Center for Jewish Art in Jerusalem and posted on the Center's web site.

Not only does the presentation give a history of the synagogue, which was destroyed in WW2 and remains in ruins, but it includes a virtual reconstruction of it -- layer by layer, renovation/reconstruction by renovation, showing how the building changed over time.

It also presents the building, originally constructed in the late 16th century, in the context of other synagogues and monumental buildings of the time in what is now western Ukraine, and provides information on the architects who designed and built them.


  1. There are two mistakes, which I have done in that presentation. First, the southern women's area was not added to the synagogue before 1604. Second, the Song of Deliverance (Shir Ge'ula) dedicated to the restitution of the synagogue was composed in 1609 by r. Yitzhak ben Shemuel HaLevy Segal, but not by his younger brother r. David, commonly known as Taz. I wish to thank my dear teacher Boris Orach for pointing out this error!

  2. Thanks, Sergey! It's still a wonderful production. Are there others?

  3. Dear Ruth, many thanks for making our work public! Till now, we have produced 16 research and educational compact disks. The most recent one, dedicated to the Temple Synagogue in Czernowitz, will be uploaded soon on our website. It was produced for the new established Jewish Museum of Czernowitz/Chernivtsi. This museum is a good present for the centenary of the Czernowitz Yiddish Conference.