Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Former Bosnian Synagogue Threatened?

There's been a bit in the news (in Bosnia) about plans to tear down the former "Kalkados" (or New) synagogue in the town of Travnik and construct there a shopping center. Built in 1860, the synagogue has been used as a metal workshop since after World War II. According to pictures I've seen, doesn't retain the outward (at least) look of a synagogue.

(You can see a photo of it as part of an extensive photo documentation of Jewish sites in the former Yugoslavia, posted on the web site of the Jewish community of Zemun, Serbia.)

There has been a call made to halt the demolition -- I saw a report that a citizens' group called "Front" had called on Bosnian authorities to step in. A brief report by Bosnia's FENA news agency quotes a member of the Sarajevo Jewish community, Eli Tauber, as saying that the Community can do nothing to stop the process as the building had been sold off after World War II.

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