Monday, August 4, 2008

Canadian Synagogue to be Part of Heritage Park

This isn't European Jewish heritage or travel -- but it's related, and pretty interesting. There are many "skansens" or open air village museums/heritage parks in Europe, where traditional buildings are gathered from various sites and reassembled to show vernacular architecture, etc. I don't know any that include a synagogue or other overtly Jewish component, except for one or two (notably the Village Museum in Sighet, Romania) that include a house or tavern once owned or lived in by Jews.

Details for this Canadian project can be found at the "Little Synagogue on the Prairie" web site.


Jul. 31, 2008

Calgary's heritage park is soon to be the second in North America to display a restored pioneer synagogue that will teach visitors about Jewish religion and culture.

The idea was the brainchild of Irena Karshenbaum, a member of Calgary's Jewish community, who works for a small real-estate development company and is also a freelance writer.

"The only other synagogue I know of that exists in a historic park in North America is in San Diego," says Karshenbaum, who proposed her idea to the board of directors of Heritage Park.

"My initial proposal was to build a replica of a synagogue that we knew had existed in the Montefiore colony of Jewish immigrants who had settled in Alberta in 1910. We had a photo of the Montefiore synagogue, but assumed the building itself no longer actually existed."

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