Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Jewish Culture, etc, Festivals in Europe 2015

Dancing at the Yiddish Summer Weimar

As usual, I am trying to put together a list of as many as possible of the numerous Jewish festivals -- culture, film, dance, etc -- that take place each year around Europe. Please help me by sending me information!

The big culture festivals and other smaller events make good destinations around which to center a trip. Some, like the annual Festival of Jewish Culture in Krakow, are huge events lasting a week or more, which draw thousands of people and offer scores or sometimes hundreds of performances, lectures, concerts, exhibits and the like. Other festivals are much less ambitious. Some are primarily workshops but also feature concerts. Many of the same artists perform at more than one festival.

The list will be growing and growing -- and again, I ask my readers to please send me information and links to upcoming events. Thanks!


July 27- August 1 -- Trebic -- Samajim Festival

October 7-14 -- Olomouc -- Jewish Culture Days


June 7-23 -- Paris -- Festival of Jewish Cultures

August  2-6 -- Carpentras -- Festival of Jewish Music


February 19-22 -- Fürth -- Jewish Film Days

February 22 -  March 22 -- Various -- Rheinland Jewish Culture Days

March 6-8 -- Fürth -- Klezmer Festival Intermezzo


August 18-21 -- London -- Klezfest


April 19-30 -- Rome -- Sefarad in Roma: festival of culture and cuisine


March 17-20 -- Szczeczin --  Days of Jewish Culture

April 18-27 -- Warsaw -- Festival of New Jewish Music

May 5-10 -- Warsaw -- Jewish Motifs Film Festival

June 11-14 -- Tarnow -- Galicianer Shtetl days

June 17-20 -- Oswiecim -- Oswiecim Life Festival 


June 24-27 -- Kosice -- Mazel Tov festival


Feb. 28-March 1 -- Besalu -- Besalu Jewish City


August 22-30 -- L'viv -- L'viv Klez Fest


  1. Shalom :)
    Im from Morocco and i confirm that the jewish culture is verry rich "Mellah" of Marrakech