Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jewish museums at the European Night of Museums, May 19

 This post originally appeared on my En Route blog at the Los Angeles Jewish Journal

Museum of Jewish Culture in Bratislava, one of the participating institutions. Photo (c) Ruth Ellen  Gruber

By Ruth Ellen Gruber

Jewish museums and other cultural institutions in a number of European countries will be open from dusk on Saturday until the wee hours Sunday as part of the annual European Night of the Museums. The Night of the Museums was founded in 2005, and more than 4,000 institutions in 40 countries took part last year, offering free entrance and special programs for visitors.

This year, Jewish museums and other cultural institutions in Spain, Serbia, Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Slovakia, England, Poland, France, and elsewhere are opening their doors as part of the event. There will be concerts, performances and special exhibits and programs as well as free visits to the museums and institutions themselves.

You can find information for some of the events on the Calendar of the web site

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