Wednesday, March 17, 2010

London -- Great NYTimes Review of Newly Revamped Jewish Museum

Congratulations to Rickie Burman, director of the newly reopened Jewish Museum in London, and her team! The reviews of the museum, which just reopened after a multi-million dollar expansion and redesign, are glowing. The latest is in the New York Times.  The article, which describes the museum as a "carefully thought-out museum" whose expansion and redesign has established it "as an important addition to a new generation of Jewish institutions in cities including San Francisco and Warsaw,"       also has a slide show.

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  1. Thanks for posting Ruth! I dont know if you remember me, but we met in Krakow this summer, I was planning my MA dissertation and you kindly chatted to me about your work.

    I'm now working at the new Jewish Museum in London! Do let me know if you're planning a trip to the UK - it would be lovely to show you round. If you're on facebook, join our page - it has photos, events and loads of press from the new museum launch - been a very exciting and hectic week! If you want any further info on the museum let me know