Friday, January 2, 2009

Sad News from Krakow -- Death of Henryk Halkowski

The inimitable Henryk Halkowski, one of foremost (and colorful) Jewish personalities in contemporary Poloand, died in Krakow of a sudden heart attack around midnight the night of Jan. 1-2...He had turned 57 only a few days earlier.

A writer, translator and consumate luftmensch, Henryk possessed an encyclopedic knowledge of Jewish culture , lore, heritage and history in Krakow and introduced me and countless others to many of the citys Jewish mysteries.

Henryk was unique. I will write more about him in a later post.


  1. please tell me about your times with henryk I only found out yesterday he had died and am so saddened. I loved him. He loved all Jews. How did you know him? Did you meet his freind Marta the artist?
    She is not doing well.
    Please be in touch with me thanks

    Julian Ungar MD
    219 588 8000

  2. did u ever write more about him?
    julian ungar