Monday, March 17, 2008

Links to Some Recent Developments

Here are links to some articles about recent Jewish Heritage developments.

BARBADOS. A MAJOR historical Jewish structure was recently uncovered
close to the synagogue in The City. University of the West Indies
students, led by doctoral candidate Michael Stoner, uncovered a mikvah
during an archaeological dig.

ISTANBUL. Quincentennial Foundation Museum of Turkish Jews.

PORTSMOUTH. History lives on in restored synagogue in Portsmouth. The
former synagogue, which once had about 200 members, officially opens
today as a museum and cultural and community centery.

VIENNA. Austrian archaeologists last week announced they had found the
earliest sign of Jewish habitation in Austria, in the form of a silver
pendant they found inside a third-century C.E. grave, which bears the
"Shma Yisrael" prayer.

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